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iCoach is your trusted partner in personal and professional development. Our team of expert coaches and consultants provide tailored solutions to help individuals and businesses achieve their goals and maximize their potential. Our services include consultation, executive coaching, team building, leadership development, performance coaching , skills building workshops, career coaching, and much more. With iCoach, you can expect customized programs that are designed to address your unique needs, delivered through a collaborative and results-driven approach.

iCoach is here and committed to helping you, help yourself, and reach your full potential.

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We are different.

iCoach provides a tailored expertise and the support necessary for an individual to make targeted improvements  or meet their goals. Coaching can provide the necessary skill set, tools, and in-depth knowledge needed to optimize performance, achieve goals and objectives, and drive long-term success. iCoach will also provide personalized accountability, feedback, and support to keep you or team on track. This accountability and feedback make it easier for an individual or team to continually strive for improvement and stay competitive.

Our Guarantee

I'm not sure what we would want our guarantee to be. 100% satisfaction maybe risky with the nature of coaching.

We're Selective

At times people are not a good fit for coaching. If you are not ready for our programs we tell you rather than collecting a payday.

We're Specialized

Whether it's getting out of your current role, overcoming a barrier, mindset, or a establishing a routine self-check-in the iCoach experience is designed to helps you reach your goals

It's For You

We Identify a roadmap for you to take. It's not what worked for others, it is what will work for you.

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Best pricing for Spa & Therapy which is very reasonable and cost effective for all

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"5 Stars For The Rest of My Life"

iCoach has showed me that changing my mindset is easy with the right guidance. I would recommend this services to anyone.

- Rick T

I would highly recommend iCoach to anyone looking to upskill or find a new career path. The team is first-rate, the service is user-friendly, and the results speak for themselves--I feel more confident and prepared than ever to take on new challenges and opportunities. Five stars all around!

-Brittany P

All in all, I can't recommend iCoach enough. Their Strategy planning and consultative services are top-notch, and they're an invaluable resource for anyone looking to take their business to the next level. If you're in the market for marketing expertise, don't hesitate to give them a try!

-Myisha J

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